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Should I charge every day?

A lot of people think that if they only drive 40 miles per day and they have 300 miles of range, they would only charge once per week. That’s fine, but we recommend just charging every day.

Why? One, in many EVs, you never know when you might want a “full tank.” You don’t want to have a situation where you need 200 miles of range but you haven’t charged all week so you only have 60 miles of range left.

Also, plugging in your car at night allows for you to use features like preconditioning of your car’s cabin temperature to make sure it is the perfect temp when you get in your car every morning.

Really, there isn’t a reason not to just plug in every night. If you can’t because you don’t have a home charger, don’t worry, it is still OK to just charge once per week.

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