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The world is transitioning to Electric Vehicles and we are here to help you learn all about them! 


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Our Mission

As the world makes the transition to Electric Vehicles, our mission is to educate about EVs so that we can make the transition even faster. We want to explore not only the EVs, but other aspects of this transition – charging technology, EV tips, product reviews, interviews with industry experts, and more!

EV Myths

There are lots of misconceptions about Electric Vehicles. We’re here to dispel those myths and explain the truth about EVs. We’ll help you sort through the facts so you can decide for yourself.


One of the most common myths about EVS is that they are just as bad for the environment as a gas or diesel car. This is false!

Road Trips

Many people believe that you can’t take a road trip in an EV because of the time it takes to charge or the lack of charging stations. The fact is that many EVs make great road trip cars!

Rapid Growth in EV Sales

Every year, sales have EVs has gone up signifcantly and this trend is escalating fast. Consumer demand for EVs is increasing and there are many incentives to encourage switching to an electric vehicle.

Mach-E Vlog

We started our EV adventure when we bought a Mustang Mach-E. Check out our other website and YouTube channel – Mach-E VLOG!



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